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November 29, 2007:
Saving Lives From a Tiny Killer One Net at a Time in Kampot
The Cambodia Daily

August 9, 2007:
As Dengue Season Peaks Cambodia Runs Out of Defenses
The Cambodia Daily

June 7, 2007:
T-Shirt Sale Raises More Than $900 for Mosquito Net Campaign
The Cambodia Daily

May 10, 2007:
Gov't To Hand Out More Nets To Battle Rise in Malaria Cases
The Cambodia Daily

May 10, 2007:
Local Organization Donates 10,000 Mosquito Nets
The Cambodia Daily

January, 18 2007:
School Gives $1,100 To Malaria Prevention Project
The Cambodia Daily

May, 4 2006:
In Kratie Province, Mosquito Nets Display Their True Worth
The Cambodia Daily

March, 30 2006:
Tokyo School Raises Nearly $300 for Mosquito Net Campaign
The Cambodia Daily

August, 13 2006:
You’re Never Too Young for a Mosquito Net-Friendly Affair
The Cambodia Daily

July, 14 2006:
L1,400 Mosquito Nets, Words of Advice Given to Kampot Villagers
The Cambodia Daily

July, 6 2006:
Little Girls in Japan Sell Their Toys To Help Poor Cambodians
The Cambodia Daily

June, 1 2006:
Get a ‘Pet,’ Find a Friend and Save Some Lives—All From Home
The Cambodia Daily

December, 15 2005:
Study Finds Advantage in Anti-Malaria Therapy Used in Cambodia
The Cambodia Daily

December, 8 2005:
Kampot Villagers Risk Malaria Collecting Food in Forest
The Cambodia Daily

December, 1 2005:
Preventative Measures Essential in the Battle Against Dengue
The Cambodia Daily

November, 25 2005:
Dengue Fever: It Doesn’t Always Happen to Other People
The Cambodia Daily

October, 27 2005:
One Teenager’s Imaginative Contribution to a Cause
The Cambodia Daily

September, 1 2005:
Ministry Continues Battle Against Fake Pharmaceuticals
The Cambodia Daily

August, 25 2005:
New Strategic Plan Aspires To Cut Malaria Deaths by Half
The Cambodia Daily

August, 11 2005:
Insecticide-Treated Mosquito Nets Given Out in Kompong Cham
The Cambodia Daily

August, 4 2005:
Scavenging, Learning and Battling Dengue in the Dumps
The Cambodia Daily

July, 28 2005:
Threat of Malaria Remains Reality for Samlot’s Farmers
The Cambodia Daily

July, 7 2005:
Ministry Tracking Efforts To Upgrade Treatment of Malaria
The Cambodia Daily

May, 19 2005:
Ministry Starts Program To Reduce Dengue-Causing Mosquitos
The Cambodia Daily

April, 7 2005:
Center Releases Report on Malaria Net, Medicine Distribution
The Cambodia Daily

March, 17 2005:
1,905 Mosquito Nets Distributed to Kompong Speu Villagers
The Cambodia Daily

March, 10 2005:
Dengue Fever-Threatened Border Village Receives Bed Nets
The Cambodia Daily

February, 24 2005:
Despite Spike in Region, Gov't Says Fewer Dengue Cases
The Cambodia Daily

January, 27 2005:
Remote Villagers Blame Stale Water, Spirits for Malaria
The Cambodia Daily

January, 13 2005:
Dengue Fever Still a Danger Despite Drop in Mortality Rate
The Cambodia Daily

January, 6 2005:
WHO Warns of Severe Shortage of Key Anti-Malarial Drug
The Cambodia Daily

December, 23 2004:
Trapping Malaria in Liver May Lead to New Drug, Vaccine
The Cambodia Daily

December, 9 2004:
Foreign Doctors Give Feedback on Siem Reap Malaria Efforts
The Cambodia Daily

December, 2 2004:
Malaria Program Focuses on Training of Private Doctors
The Cambodia Daily

November, 11 2004:
Spike in Demand Drains Supply of Leading Malaria Drug
The Cambodia Daily

November, 4 2004:
Road to Remote Village Paves Way for New Mosquito Nets
The Cambodia Daily

September, 30 2004:
Simple Blood Test Helps to Differentiate Dengue Fever From SARS
The Cambodia Daily

September, 23 2004:
Southeast Asia's Slums Blamed for Recent Dengue Epidemic
The Cambodia Daily

September, 16 2004:
Fisherman Take Time Off For Nets of a Life-Saving Sort
The Cambodia Daily

September, 9 2004:
Study to Evaluate Cambodia's Progress in Malaria Flight
The Cambodia Daily

September, 2 2004:
Man-Made Drug Raises Hopes for Malaria, Cancer Treatment
The Cambodia Daily

August, 26 2004:
Unwitting Travelers May Act as Global Malaria Carriers
The Cambodia Daily

August, 12 2004:
Canadians Make Record Donation to Mosquito Net Fund
The Cambodia Daily

August, 5 2004:
The Turgid Tale of the Tried and True Mosquito Den Net
The Cambodia Daily

July, 29 2004:
Perfeting Mosquito Bed Net a Matter of Trial and Error
The Cambodia Daily

July, 22 2004:
After 20 Years, Efforts Continue to Improve Mosquito Nets
The Cambodia Daily

July, 15 2004:
Finding the Meaning of Charity in Giving Out Mosquito Nets
The Cambodia Daily

July, 01 2004:
No Mosquitos, No Problem? It’s Not Quite That Simple
The New York Time

June, 24 2004:
Vies Differ on Use of Herbal Medicines To Treat Malaria
The Cambodia Daily

June, 10 2004:
Lack of Blood Donors Makes Treating Dengue Fever Difficult
The Cambodia Daily

May,13 2004:
Chinese Herbal Medicine Is Embraced as Malaria Treatment
New York Times

May, 6 2004:
Mosquito-Borne Diseases Hit Young, Pregnant the Hardest
The Cambodia Daily

April, 27 2004:
No Village too Remote to Hear Message of Good Health
The Cambodia Daily

January, 22 2004:
Old Malaria Drugs Are Leading to Many Deaths, Reports Says

The Wall Street Journal

January, 15 2004:
Debate Rages Over Use of Natural Medicine to Fight Malaria

The Cambodia Daily

January, 1 2004:
Health Staff, NGOs Praised for Anti-Malaria Work in Kratie

The Cambodia Daily

December, 25 2003:
US Donates Thousands of Mosquito Nets to Malaria Center

The Cambodia Daily

December, 18 2003:
Hopes High for 3-Year Kompong Speu Malaria Program

The Cambodia Daily

December, 11 2003:
In Ethiopia's Malaria War, High Prices Are the Real Killer

New York Times

December, 4 2003:
Malaria Center Applauds Gov't Efforts Toward Health Care

The Cambodia Daily

November, 27 2003:
Malaria Center Data Reveals Fewer Cases So Far This Year

The Cambodia Daily

November, 20 2003:
Program Aims to Improve Prevention, Treatment Methods

The Cambodia Daily

November, 13 2003:
Training, Volunteers Play Key Role in Battle Against Malaria

The Cambodia Daily

October, 30 2003:
Center's New Microscope Can Photograph, Display Slides

The Cambodia Daily

October, 23 2003:
US Study Shows Pre-Existing Drug Could Prevent Malaria

The Cambodia Daily

October, 16 2003:
National Center Testing New Malaria Drug Mix in K Speu

The Cambodia Daily

October, 9 2003:
Plantation 'Cursed By Malaria' Gets Much-Needed Bed Nets

The Cambodia Daily

October, 2 2003:
Malaria Center Hands Out 4,000 Mosquito Nets in Snuol

The Cambodia Daily

September, 25 2003:
Gates Foundation Gives $168 Million for Malaria Research

The Cambodia Daily

September, 18 2003:
Mission From Lao Tours National Anti-Malaria Programs

The Cambodia Daily

September, 11 2003:
Global Fund’s New Country Manager Stresses Close Work

The Cambodia Daily

September, 4 2003:
National Malaria Center Set to Launch Volunteer Program

The Cambodia Daily

August, 28 2003:
Tests Show 1 in 4 Malaria Drugs Sold in Provinces Is Fake

The Cambodia Daily

August, 21 2003:
On Hold for Funds, Malaria Program Eyes Preventing Delays

The Cambodia Daily

August, 14 2003:
Survey Notes Malaria Awareness in 3 Province's Children

The Cambodia Daily

August, 6 2003:
New Group Will Coordinate Gov't, NGO Work on Malaria

The Cambodia Daily

July, 24 2003:
Malaria Center Works on Plan to Educate Ethnic Minorities

The Cambodia Daily

July, 17 2003:
Savvy Diagnosis Ends in Successful Recovery From Malaria

The Cambodia Daily

July, 10 2003:
Center Identifies Critical Access Points for Malaria Education

The Cambodia Daily

July, 3 2003:
Money From Global Fund Not Expected for Several Months

The Cambodia Daily

June, 26 2003:
Study Urges More Community Involvement in Malaria Fight

The Cambodia Daily

June, 19 2003:
Lack of Funds Stalls Distribution of Malaria Center Nets

The Cambodia Daily

June, 12 2003:
Gap Still Remains Between Malaria Knowledge, Treatment

The Cambodia Daily

June, 5 2003:
Researchers Engineering Microbes to Brew Malaria Medicine

The Associated Press

May, 29 2003:
Committee Fine-Tuning Proposal for Global Fund Grant

The Cambodia Daily

May, 22 2003:
Study Reveals Prevalent Mistreatment of Malaria Sufferers

The Cambodia Daily

May, 15 2003:
Program Advertises Cost-Effectiveness of Quality Medicine

The Cambodia Daily

May, 8 2003:
Once Off-Limits, Village in Takeo Receives Mosquito Nets

The Cambodia Daily

May, 5 2003:
Officials: New Disease Threat Overshadowing Malaria Fight

The Cambodia Daily

May, 1 2003:
Officials: New Disease Threat Overshadowing Malaria Fight

The Cambodia Daily

April, 24 2003:
Health Volunteers Educating Villagers on Malaria Prevention

The Cambodia Daily

April, 17 2003:
Nat'l Report Finds Malaria Cases Down, But Care Lacking

The Cambodia Daily

April, 10 2003:
Businessman Donates 100 Collection Boxes to Campaign

The Cambodia Daily

April, 3 2003:
Health Ministry Submits Draft Spending Plan for Diseases

The Cambodia Daily

March, 27 2003:
Program Trains Pharmacists to Recognize Fake Medicine

The Cambodia Daily

March, 20 2003:
Web Site Gathers Net Funds

The Cambodia Daily

March, 13 2003:
Global Fund Continues Disbursements for Fighting Disease

Agence France-Presse

March, 6 2003:
New Program Aims to Weed Out Bad Malaria Medicine

The Cambodia Daily

February, 27 2003:
Early Departure Doesn't Mar Mosquito Net Distribution

The Cambodia Daily

February, 20 2003:
Researcher Sheds Light on Behavior of Hill Tribes, Malaria

The Cambodia Daily

February, 13 2003:
Rural Villagers Likely Beneficiaries of New Malaria Grant

The Cambodia Daily

February, 6 2003:
New Funding Source May Dramatically Aid Malaria Fight

The Cambodia Daily

January 30, 2003:
Study Confirms Nets' Important Role in Malaria Prevention

The Cambodia Daily

January 23, 2003:
Increasing Insecticide Resistance Challenges Malaria Fighters

The Cambodia Daily

January 16, 2003:
Outbreak Reports Show Need for Vigilance in Malaria Fight

The Cambodia Daily

January 2, 2003:
Pilot Project Finds Women Neglected by Malaria Programs

The Cambodia Daily

December 26, 2002:
Cambodia Can't Rest on Malaria Victories, Experts Warn
The Cambodia Daily

December 12, 2002:
Malaria Symposium Kicks Off With Debate About Bednets The Cambodia Daily

December 5, 2002:
EC Malaria Project Winds Down With Pair of Conferences 
The Cambodia Daily

November 28, 2002:
WHO Hopes New Malaria Medicine Will Be Ready by 2006
Agence France-Presse

November 21, 2002:
Scientists Report Rapid Advances Toward Malaria Vaccine
Agence France-Presse

November 14, 2002:
Malaria Experts Will Share Knowledge at Global Conference
The Cambodia Daily

November 7, 2002:
Malaria Center Completes Major Study of Medicine Usage
The Cambodia Daily

October 31, 2002:
Effects of Drought May Reverse Decline in Malaria Cases
The Cambodia Daily

October 24, 2002:
Genome May Mean Vaccine
The Cambodia Daily

October 17, 2002:
European Commission Project Providing Valuable Education
The Cambodia Daily

October 10, 2002:
Researchers Map Genes of Malaria Parasite, Carrier Mosquito
The Associated Press

October 3, 2002:
Malarial Mosquitoes Found in US Near Pair of Infections
The Washington Post

September 26, 2002:
New Book Chronicles History of Battle Against Malaria
The New York Times

September 19, 2002:
New Study Shows Early Activity in Malaria Mosquitoes
The Cambodia Daily

September 12, 2002:
Mosquitoes Showing Signs of Bednet Insecticide Resistance
The Cambodia Daily

September 5, 2002:
Malaria Team Checks Up on Program for Remote Areas
The Cambodia Daily

August 29, 2002:
Probe at US Army Base Focused on More Than Malaria Drug
The Associated Press

August 22, 2002:
Malaria Center To Share Study Results at African Conference
The Cambodia Daily

August 15, 2002:
Mozambique Tests Vaccine
The Cambodia Daily

August 15, 2002:
Bayer, WHO To Cooperate On Malaria Drug Treatment
The Cambodia Daily

August 8, 2002:
Web Site Lists Cambodia Diseases, Agencies Fighting Them
The Cambodia Daily

August 1, 2002:
Malaria Control Threatened With NGO Leaving Province
The Cambodia Daily

July 25, 2002:
Kenya Red Cross Mobilizes 10,000 After Malaria Outbreak
The Cambodia Daily

July 18, 2002:
Kenya Red Cross Mobilizes 10,000 After Malaria Outbreak
The Associated Press

July 11, 2002:
Currency Exchange Means Money for Mosquito Nets
The Cambodia Daily

July 11, 2002:
EC Donation To Fight Dengue
The Cambodia Daily

July 4, 2002:
Resistance May Mean Malaria Comeback in US, Europe

The Associated Press

June 27, 2002:
Official: DDT Debate Not Likely to Encompass Cambodia

The Cambodia Daily

June 20, 2002:
Africa's Plans for New Malaria Drug Meet US Resistance
The New York Times

June 13, 2002:
Understanding of Malaria Leads to School Donation

The Cambodia Daily

June 13, 2002:
Comic Book Campaign Successful in Fight Against Malaria
The Cambodia Daily

June 6, 2002:
Malaria Information Campaign Draws Many Young Artists
The Cambodia Daily

May 30, 2002:
Malaria Team Helps Out Village That Time Nearly Forgot
The Cambodia Daily

May 23, 2002:
Mutated Mosquitoes Put Bite on Malaria, Researchers Say
Agence France-Presse

May 16, 2002:
Puddle-Jumping Malaria Team Brings Nets to Preah Vihear
The Cambodia Daily

May 8, 2002:
Officials Undaunted by Rejection of Malaria Grant Request
The Cambodia Daily

May 2, 2002:
Officials Undaunted by Rejection of Malaria Grant Request
The Cambodia Daily

April 24, 2002:
Malaria Drop a Health-Care Success in Oddar Meanchey
The Cambodia Daily

April 18, 2002:
Regional Medical Centers Provide Easier Access to Care
The Cambodia Daily

April 11, 2002:
Malaria Guys Drive Down Roads Like This All the Time
The Cambodia Daily

April 4, 2002:
Hard-Core Cyclist Shows His Soft Side With Net Donation
The Cambodia Daily

March 28, 2002:
National Malaria Center Reports Gains in War on Malaria
The Cambodia Daily

March 21, 2002:
Malaria Center Sets Up New Lab to Study Mosquito Habits
The Cambodia Daily

March 14, 2002:
Mosquito Net Drive Delivers Nets to Kompong Speu Villagers
The Cambodia Daily

March 7, 2002:
EC, Malaria Center To Sell Cheap Medicine Nationwide
The Cambodia Daily

February 28, 2002:
Donated Boats Will Help Malaria Teams in Remote Areas
The Cambodia Daily

February 21, 2002:
Agencies Seek Ways to Bring Affordable Drugs to the Poor
The Associated Press

February 14, 2002:
Report Says Australians Face Rising Threat From Parasites
The Associated Press

February 14, 2002:
Town Examines Alternative For Controlling Mosquitoes
The Associated Press

February 7, 2002:
Ministry Officials in China for Worshop on Global Fund

The Cambodia Daily

January 31, 2002:
WHO Official: Better Malaria Data Needed to Evaluate Progress

The Cambodia Daily

January 24, 2002:
Researchers Decode Genetic Secrets of Malaria Parasite

The Cambodia Daily

January 17, 2002:
German Legislators Hand Out Mosquito Nets to Villagers

The Cambodia Daily

January 10, 2002:
Helpful Woman Finds Net Campaign a Good Way to Give

The Cambodia Daily

January 3, 2002:
Study: Some Vaccines Could Do More Harm Than Good

The Associated Press and Agence France-Presse

December 27, 2001:
Dirt Bike Riders Rally for Fun, Promote Malaria Prevention

The Cambodia Daily 

December 20, 2001:
Tam Tam and Nakkroupette Characters Take On Malaria

The Cambodia Daily 

December 13, 2001:
Government Asks European Union to Extend Malaria Project

The Cambodia Daily

December 6, 2001:
Challenges in Fight Against Malaria Discussed at Conference

The Cambodia Daily

November 29, 2001: 
Provincial Malaria Fighters Gear Up for Annual Assessment

The Cambodia Daily

November 22, 2001:
WHO: Chinese Treatments Offer Best Hope for Malaria Cure

Agence France-Press

Nov 15, 2001:
Dirt Bike Tour Organizers Plan Distribution of Mosquito Nets

The Cambodia Daily

Nov 8, 2001:
US Official: Terror War Should Not Stall Fight Against Disease

The Associated Press

Nov 1, 2001:
Malaria Slows Some Boat Racers as They Compete Today

The Cambodia Daily

Oct 25, 2001:
New Research Partners Hope to Create Malaria Vaccine
The Associated Press

Oct 18, 2001:
Malaria Center Looks Toward Testing of New Malaria Drugs
The Cambodia Daily

Oct 11, 2001:
Concert Set Up to Promote New Anti-Malaria Campaign
The Cambodia Daily

Oct 4, 2001:
Girl Makes Heartfelt Donation
The Cambodia Daily

Sept 27, 2001
Chinese Researchers Come To Explain New Medicine
The Cambodia Daily

Sept 20, 2001
National Malaria Center Sets Priorities for Next Five Years
The Cambodia Daily

Sept 13, 2001
Mosquitoes More Than Just a Pest in Other Countries, Too
The New York Times 

Sept 6, 2001
Malaria Down in Kratie Despite Flooding, Officials Say
The Cambodia Daily

Aug 23, 2001:
National Malaria Center Readies Launch of New Web Site
The Cambodia Daily

Aug 23, 2001:
Malaria Infection an Everyday Worry for Samlot Residents The Cambodia Daily

August 16,2001:
Agencies Join Forces to Fight Distribution of Fake DrugsThe Cambodia Daily

August 9,2001:
Treated Hammock Nets To Fill Gap in Malaria ProtectionThe Cambodia Daily

August 2,2001:
As Malaria Makes a Comeback, So Does DDTThe Wall Street Journal

July 26,2001:
VN Dengue Epidemic Kills 38 Agence France-Presse

July 26,2001:
Cambodia Developing First-Ever Pediatric Malaria TreatmentThe Cambodia Daily

July 19,2001:
Vacation Experiences Spur Donation to Net CampaignThe Cambodia Daily

July 12,2001:
Gates Money Lets School Make Malaria Research a PriorityThe Wall Street Journal

June 28,2001:
Officials Alarmed by Dengue OutbreaksThe Cambodia Daily

June 21,2001:
Malaria Program Takes Aim at Private-Sector TreatmentThe Cambodia Daily

June 14,2001:
Malaria Cases Fall Sharply This Year Three MonthsThe Cambodia Daily

June 7,2001:
Troops in India's Assam State on the Alert Against Malaria Agence France-Presse

May 31,2001:
Malaria Epidemic Kills 50 in Northeastern Indian StateAssociated Press

May 24,2001:
History Lesson at US School Leads to Large Net DonationThe Cambodia Daily

May 17,2001:
Fighting Malaria Arduous for Siem Reap Province VillagersThe Cambodia Daily

May 10,2001:
US University Receives $100 Million to Combat MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

April 26,2001:
Villagers Elders Get Their Wish: Nets for Their ChildrenThe Cambodia Daily

April 19,2001:
Remote Area of Kompong Speu Suffers Malaria OutbreakThe Cambodia Daily

April 12,2001:
Red Cross Donates MedicineThe Cambodia Daily

April 5,2001:
Thoughtful Students, School Staff Provide 40 Mosquito NetsThe Cambodia Daily

March 29,2001:
Malaria Deaths Down, But Obstacles Remain, Experts SayThe Cambodia Daily

January 25,2001:
(1)Mosquitoes Test Knowledged Gap for Researchers,(2)Airline Committed to Nets,(3)Dengue Ahead, WHO WarnsThe Cambodia Daily

January 14,2001:
Researchers Closers to Treatment That Halts MalariaThe Associated Press

January 14,2001:
Red Cross Donates Nets as Part of Ongoing Flood Relief The Cambodia Daily

December 21,2000:
UN, World Bank Optimistic on Malria Battle The Cambodia Daily

December 14,2000:
Dengue Fever Presents Threat to World Health Deutsche Presse-Agentur

December 7,2000:
Bothered by Mosquitoes Too, Monkeys Look for Help in the TreesThe New York Times

November 30,2000:
Protein Sought for New Vaccine The Cambodia Daily

November 30,2000:
Malaria Still Strong in Asia The Cambodia Daily

November 23,2000:
Drug Duo Aims To Beat Back MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

November 20,2000:
Ailing Populations Spell Ailing EconomiesThe Baltimore Sun

November 20,2000:
5.5 Million Mosquitoes Turned in for BountyThe Wall Street Journal

October 26,2000:
New Drug Malarone Alternative to Lariam/Know Risks, Know DrugsThe Washington Post

October 18,2000:
HIV-Infected More Prone to MalariaAgence France Presse

October 18,2000:
US Basketball Star Out With Mild MalariaThe Associated Press

October 12,2000:
Displaced Farmers Get NetsThe Cambodia Daily

October 5,2000:
WHO Raises Malaria Awareness with OlympiansThe Cambodia Daily

October 4,2000:
Publishing of Book on Asia Revisits Net Campaign OriginThe Cambodia Daily

September 28,2000:
US Government Donates $200,000 for Nets at 'Crucial Moment'The Cambodia Daily

September 14,2000:
Two Villages in Isolated Pailin Receive EC Mosquito NetsThe Cambodia Daily

September 7,2000:
Army Asked To Fight Mosquitoes Packing West Nile VirusThe Associated Press

August 24,2000:
WHO Says Malarial Mosquitoes Hitching Rides on PlanesThe Associated Press

August 17,2000:
Fake Malaria Drugs Still Available on Pharmacy ShelvesThe Cambodia Daily

August 10,2000:
EU Official Says Malaria Report Underestimates ProblemThe Cambodia Daily

July 27,2000:
Daily Distributes 2,000 Mosquito Nets to Seven VillagesThe Cambodia Daily

July 20,2000:
Kampot Province is Test Market for New Malaria MedicineThe Cambodia Daily

July 13,2000:
Genetic Vulnerability to Malaria DiscoveredAgence France-Presse

July 06,2000:
First Transgenic Mosquito Opens Way To Targeting MalariaAgence France-Presse

June 29,2000:
Much Needed Malaria Supplies Go To PailinThe Cambodia Daily

June 22,2000:
Bed Nets and Medicine DistributedThe Cambodia Daily

June 15,2000:
Malaria Team Takes To The Rails To Deliver Lifesaving NetsThe Cambodia Daily

June 06,2000:
Students Change Tactics in Mosquito WarThe Associated Press

June 1,2000:
Avoiding the MosquitoThe Associated Press

May 25,2000:
Military Tells Malaria Woes to Officials on Helicopter TourThe Cambodia Daily

May 11,2000:
Remote Soldiers Newly Armed to Fight, Prevent DiseaseThe Cambodia Daily

April 27,2000:
Mutant Gene in Malaria Causes Resistance to Various Drugs StudiedThe Associated Press

April 13,2000:
Officials Say Education, Net Distribution Have ImprovedThe Cambodia Daily

April 06,2000:
Sellers of Fake Malaria Medicine Could Face ProsecutionAgence France-Presse

March 29,2000:
Recent Malarial Deaths of Officials Put Focus on EducationThe Cambodia Daily

March 23,2000:
Fake Drugs, Influx of Refugees Top Issues for Malaria MeetThe Cambodia Daily

March 16,2000:
Police Close Investigation Into Malaria DeathThe Cambodia Daily

March 9,2000:
NGO Takes Full Approach to Tackling Malaria in Kratie Province The Cambodia Daily

March 2,2000:
Veteran Malaria Expert Fights On Against Tough OpponentThe Cambodia Daily

February 24,2000:
Government Battles Malaria at Naval Base in Koh TangThe Cambodia Daily

February 17,2000:
Regional Malaria Meeting Set for Siem ReapThe Cambodia Daily

February 17,2000:
Program Slows Pace of Snail ParasiteThe Cambodia Daily

February 03,2000:
After Seeing Victim Photos, Man Reaches For CheckbookThe Cambodia Daily

February 03,2000:
Gender Defends ParasiteThe Cambodia Daily

January 27,2000:
Take Malaria Medicine, Cambodia Tour Operator CautionsThe Cambodia Daily

January 12,2000:
Thai Border Troops Face Tough Strain of MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

January 06,2000:
Mosquitoes Can Be a Pain for Travelers in Southeast AsiaThe Associated Press

December 30,1999:
Researchers Look at Insect Fungi for Malaria MedicineThe Cambodia Daily

December 23,1999:
Mosquito Nets Make Villagers HappyThe Cambodia Daily

December 16,1999:
More Fake Malaria Drugs Give Health Officials HeadachesThe Cambodia Daily

December 09,1999:
Hilltribes Get Mosquito Net MessageThe Cambodia Daily

December 02,1999:
Traditional Medicine, Drug Sellers, Schools Can Fight MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

November 25,1999:
NGOs Combine Forces to Battle Mosquitoes in RatanakkiriThe Cambodia Daily

November 18,1999:
Drug Cures Mice of MalariaThe Associated Press

November 18,1999:
Buy a Greeting Card, Help Stop MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

November 11,1999:
Indonesian Consumer Group Warns of Repellents DangersThe Cambodia Daily

November 04,1999:
WHO Venture to Develop New Malaria DrugsThe Associated Press

November 04,1999:
Red Cross Hands Over NetsThe Cambodia Daily

October 21,1999:
Returnees to Samlot Bring Rise in MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

October 21,1999:
Nets Could Save 250,000 AfricansThe Cambodia Daily

October 7,1999:
AIDS Drug Also Works Against Malaria,Researchers SayThe Cambodia Daily

September 29,1999:
Prepackaged Malaria Medicine Trials Slated for OctoberThe Cambodia Daily

September 23,1999:
Musicians Rock-'o'-Roll to the Rhythms of MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

September 17,1999:
Minister Preaches Gospel of Mosquito NetsThe Cambodia Daily

September 9,1999:
DDT Not Needed to Fight Malaria, Environmentalists SayThe Associated Press

September 2,1999:
Health Officials Look to Malaria in the New MillenniumThe Cambodia Daily

August 26,1999:
Floods Take Toll on Mosquito NetsThe Cambodia Daily

August 26,1999:
Rural Villagers Who Work in Malarial Forests Receive NetsThe Cambodia Daily

August 19,1999:
New Drugs Take On Malaria at Anlong VengThe Cambodia Daily

August 12,1999:
64 Die of Malaria in Vietnam from January to MayAgence France-Presse

August 12,1999:
Malaria Said Under ControlThe Cambodia Daily

August 4,1999:
Nagasaki Shop Owners Band Together to Aid CambodiansThe Cambodia Daily

July 22,1999:
Malaria Offices Get RevampThe Cambodia Daily

July 15,1999:
Burma, Thailand Join Forces Against MalariaAgence France-Presse

July 15,1999:
Red Cross Convoys Head for Anlong Veng Via ThailandThe Cambodia Daily

July 7,1999:
Former Khmer Rouge Strongholds Now Malaria HotspotsThe Cambodia Daily

July 1,1999:
Health Officials See Dengue Soar Across Southeast AsiaThe Wall Street Journal

June 24,1999:
Africans Discover Net is Best Way to Battle MosquitoesThe Associated Press

June 17,1999:
Red Cross, ECHO, Oxfam Donate Nets, InsecticideThe Cambodia Daily

June 10,1999:
Cambodia's Hill-Tribe Communities Hit Hardest by MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

June 4,1999:
Fishermen Find Mosquito Nets Also Vital to LivelihoodsThe Cambodia Daily

May 27,1999:
Prepackaged Drugs Latest Weapon in War Against MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

May 20,1999:
Developing Countries Target Malaria ThreatThe Associated Press

May 13,1999:
Doctor Says Dirty City Will Lead to Another Dengue OutbreakThe Cambodia Daily

May 6,1999:
Malaria Entrenched in Former KR RegionThe Cambodia Daily

April 29,1999:
Naval Base Families Get NetsThe Cambodia Daily

April 22,1999:
Report: Australians Infected Nazi Refugees With MalariaNews Services

April 15,1999:
Researchers Test Promising Malaria Vaccine on MonkeysNewsday

April 8,1999:
Health Agencies to Join in Assisting Cambodia's VillagersThe Cambodia Daily

April 1,1999:
Provincial Medical Practices Said to Build Malaria ResistanceThe Cambodia Daily

March 25,1999:
ECHO Donates Mosquito Nets, InsecticideThe Cambodia Daily

March 25,1999:
British Backpackers Pitch InThe Cambodia Daily

March 25,1999:
Best thing we did was packing mosquito nets to travel in AsiaThe Cambodia Daily

March 19,1999:
German Paper's Readers Join Malaria FightThe Cambodia Daily

Mar 11,1999:
Prince Visits Malaria Ward The Cambodia Daily

Feb 25,1999:
Malaria May Have Sped Death of Explorer The Cambodia Daily

Feb 18,1999:
Researchers have discovered a possible new way to vaccinate against malaria The Associated Press

Feb 04,1999:
Genetic Engineering May Be Barrier to Mosquito-Borne DiseaseNewsday-NY

Jan 28,1999:
National Malaria Campaign To Promote Hammock NetsThe Cambodia Daily

Jan 21,1999:
Unicef to Join Malaria FightThe Cambodia Daily

Jan 14,1999:
Mekong Malaria Forum Set To Spread Experts' Findings Knowledge Data on DiseaseThe Cambodia Daily

Dec 30,1998:
Cures From the Killing FieldsThe Cambodia Daily

Dec 17,1998:
Malaria Takes Toll in Anlong VengThe Cambodia Daily

Dec 10,1998:
Malaria Book Wins AwardThe Cambodia Daily

Dec 03,1998:
In Anlong Veng, RCAF Fighting New Resistance: MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

Nov 26,1998:
UK Inks $100,000 DonationThe Cambodia Daily

Nov 19,1998:
Treating Malaria in Anlong Veng With and Without Ta MokThe Cambodia Daily

Nov 12,1998:
Progress Reported in Malaria Gene ResearchThe Associated Press

Nov 12,1998:
Pregnancies May Be Safe With VaccineThe Cambodia Daily

Nov 05,1998:
UN Agencies and World Bank Join Forces to Fight MalariaBy Edith Lederer, The Associated Press

Nov 05,1998:
300 Die After Receiving Outdated Malaria MedicineThe Cambodia Daily

Oct 29,1998:
Malaria Gains as Control Efforts Become More ExpensiveBy Jane Brody, The New York Times

Oct 22,1998:
New Malaria Vaccine Around Corner, But Won't Be CheapThe Cambodia Daily

Oct 15,1998:
Long Drought Spurs Increase In Vietnam's Malaria DeathsAgence France-Presse

Oct 08,1998:
Villagers in Kep, Kampot Get Treated Mosquito NetsThe Cambodia Daily

Oct 01,1998:
Malaria Nets Bring Joy, Protection to Children in KampotThe Cambodia Daily

Sept 24,1998:
Cambodia Daily Mosquito Net Campaign Enters Second YearThe Cambodia Daily

Sept 20,1998:
Useful Web Site Addresses: Bevy of Malaria-Sites Zoom In on Stats, Scratches, BitesThe Cambodia Daily

Sept 17,1998:
Bevy of Malaria Sites Zoom In on Stats, Scratches, BitesThe Cambodia Daily

Sept 03,1998:
Japanese Air Officials to Offer Free Malaria Tests for Tourists Kyodo News Service

August 27,1998:
Chemicals, Caution Best in Battle Against Mosquito BitesThe Cambodia Daily

August 20,1998:
Forum on Parasitology Opens Kyodo News Service - Tokyo

August 06,1998:
Rare Malaria Case in US State of VirginiaThe Associated Press

Jul 30,1998:
Malaria’s Facts and FiguresThe National Malaria Center

Jul 23,1998:
Doubts Surface on Safety of Lariam: Malaria Wonder Drug SurfaceAfrica News Service

Jul 16,1998:
185 cases of malaria this year in SingaporeSingapore (AP)

Jul 02,1998:
Malaria Researchers Protect Soldiers From "Sea of Disease"The Washington Post

June 25,1998:
Int’l Conference Hears Cambodia’s Fight Against MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

June 18,1998:
‘Dipstick’ Helps Rural Health Workers Diagnose QuicklySpecial to The Cambodia Daily

June 11,1998:
Rural Cambodians Depend on Donations for Protective NetsSpecial to The Cambodia Daily

May 28,1998:
Anti-Malaria Drive Launched for Khmer Rouge DefectorsThe Cambodia Daily

May 21,1998:
New WHO President Returns Malaria to World’s AttentionThe Cambodia Daily

May 13,1998:
Remote Villages Gauge Success of Anti-Malaria CampaignThe Cambodia Daily

May 07,1998:
Cambodia’s Navy Faces Its Most Serious Enemy: MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

April 30,1998:
Malaria Center Needs Nets The Cambodia Daily

April 23,1998:
Malaria Puts Sudan in State of EmergencyThe Associated Press

April 09,1998:
$15,000 Donation to Aid National Malaria CenterThe Cambodia Daily

April 09,1998:
Malaria Focus of Health TalksThe Cambodia Daily

April 02,1998:
Fire, Malaria Hit Brazilian Indian TribeDeutsche Presse-Agentur

Mar 26,1998:
Life in Island Villages Leaves Residents Vulnerable to MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

Mar 19,1998:
Malaria Sickens 60 Percent of Military PatientsThe Cambodia Daily

Mar 12,1998:
Malaria Cases Rise 60 Percent NationwideThe Cambodia Daily

Mar 05,1998:
Young Adult Males may be Highest Risk Group for Deadly MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

Feb 26,1998:
Rotary Boosts Net CampaignThe Cambodia Daily

Feb 19,1998:
Aid Workers Seek New Fight Against Old Enemy in Pailin The Cambodia Daily

Feb 5,1998:
Malaria Rates Soar in BattambangThe Cambodia Daily

Jan 29,1998:
Anti-Malaria Marketing Grows With $2.7M World Bank LoanThe Cambodia Daily

Jan 22,1998:
Malaria Strikes Most Often In Cambodia’s Rural AreasThe Cambodia Daily

Jan 08,1998:
Generous Gifts to CampaignThe Cambodia Daily

Jan 01,1998:
Kampot Villages Receive NetsThe Cambodia Daily

Dec 25,1997:
More Malaria, Dengue Fever Expected With Climate Shift The Associated Press

Dec 11,1997:
El Nino Brews Another Storm: More Mosquitoes and Malaria The New York Times

Nov 20,1997:
India Hindu Party Launches Anti-Malaria Road Show Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Nov 10,1997:
Traditional Beliefs About Malaria Meet Modern Medicine The Cambodia Daily

Nov 06,1997:
Daily Campaign Nets Distributed to Returning Refugees The Cambodia Daily

Oct 30,1997:
Daily Net Campaign UpdateThe Cambodia Daily

Oct 23,1997:
Drug Resistance a Persistent Problem in Battle Against MalariaThe Cambodia Daily

Oct 16,1997:
Nets Distributed in Kampot The Cambodia Daily

Oct 2,1997:
Mosquito Coils Donated as Campaign Tops $10,000 Mark The Cambodia Daily

Sept 25, 1997:
Mosquito's Revenge: Malaria Mutates to Resist Drug Treatment By Catherine Shepherd / Asiaweek

Sept 11, 1997:
World's Rubbish Gives Safe Haven to Deadly Mosquitoes By Gary Taubes /The New York Times

Sept 4, 1997:
The Invisible Killer By Catherine Philp / The Cambodia Daily

Aug 28, 1997:
Anti-Malaria Campaign to Top $4,000 After One Week The Cambodia Daily