April 11, 2001

Book Leads to Net Donation

To Whom It May Concern;

I got your information from reading the book Thunder from the East, [By Nicholas Kristoff and Sheryl Wu Dunn]. It's a great book. I also passed your Web site in my company's Internet. I hope you have good luck at helping more people. Thank you for letting me help.


Kuolong Huang Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

[Editor's note: In Thunder From The East, Nicolas Kristoff recounts the story of a weeping father the author discovered in the forests of Cambodia. The man's son had succumbed to malaria. It was the recounting of that story prior to the book's publication that spawned the Cambodia Daily Mosquito Net Campaign, which has been running since August 1997.]

January 17, 2001

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is a donation made on behalf of Gea Kang, a minor child, who just came back from visiting Cambodia and is donating the money she's saved in 2000 in the hope that it will save some lives in Cambodia. Chisoon Lee and Gea Kang Palo Alto, California, USA

Donation Gea Kang (a child's savings), Palo Alto, California, USA $120

Poverty Hurts Malaria Battle

November 26, 1998

Dear Editor:

I am now aware that Cambodia has some of the most pernicious strains of
malaria in the world. With the degree of destitute poverty I witnessed on my first
visit to Cambodia, clearly the majority of Khmer people are trying to find ways to eat on a daily basis.

Basic items of necessity, such as mosquito nets, would be luxury items for
most and simply unaffordable.

I have been told also that many of the disadvantaged in certain areas of
Cambodia simply have no means to fight the mosquito, and have resorted to using
Aiyong (puppets) in front of their houses.

I would like to make a $100 US contribution in the name of the staff of
Pyco Guest House at No 79 Sisovath Street, Phnom Penh.

Sterling Simmons
Dallas, Texas, USA

August 6, 1998

We applaud the Cambodia Daily for running the "mosquito
net" campaign with such vigour and for its persistence in
increasing awareness in this deadly disease.

Enclosed is $65. We would like to challenge all
international observers to either leave a net or a few dollars
toward this worthy cause before they leave Cambodia. (Perhaps a
drop-off bin could be placed at the airport in Phnom Penh.) Good

European Union Joint International Observer Group, Kompong Cham

Long term election observers (Canada), Battambang Province

May 05, 1998

"It pleases me to know that you are interested in helping these
Cambodian people and others who are suffering from this deadly
disease. I hope that it will be a success and positively impact
as many persons as possible. I will surely do my part by setting
out the collection box in our embassy."

-Ambassador Var Huoth, Royal Embassy of Cambodia
to the United States of America, Washington DC

Enterprise Oil

The Cambodia Daily
50B, Street 240
Phnom Penh

Dear Editor,

Subject: Appeal for Mosquito Nets

I read with interest the article in last week's paper regarding your appeal to raise funds to buy mosquito nets. As somebody who became a father for the first time at the end of the last year, I have followed and researched with new interest information regarding mosquito-related illnesses, and particularly their effects on young children.

It is amazing how often the same advice arise, namely that the use of a basic net can drastically reduce the risks associated with these illnesses. I feel therefore that your campaign is one we should support and have enclosed a check for USD2,000 which I hope will maintain the growth in your funds.

All the staff at Enterprise Oil join me in wishing you every success with this venture.
Yours sincerely,

Hugh Leonard
General Manager, Cambodia