Girl Makes Heartfelt Donation

Oct 4, 2001

By Brian Calvert
The Cambodia Daily

Over the past year, the Cambodia Daily Mosquito Net Campaign has seen donations come in from large corporations and from hundreds of individuals. This week a donation came from perhaps one of the youngest: Zoe Miles, a 6-year-old girl, sent in $10, a present she received on her birthday. 

The present came from friends of the family, who added a stipulation. It must be passed on to a charity, said her father, Glenn Miles. 'It's an unusual gift,' he said. 

It took Zoe some time, but she decided on the mosquito net campaign. 'It was something she could get her hands around,' Glenn Miles said. The family lives in Phnom Penh. 

Zoe said she was glad to contribute. 'Now I can help two families,' she said after deciding. 

Also this week, the campaign received a large donation from Siem Reap Airways, a subsidiary company of Bangkok Airways, which is already a contributor. The two airlines will continue their monthly donations for at least the next six months totaling $1,000 per month, according to Arisra Sangrit, a spokeswoman for Bangkok Airways. 

Classrooms have also become increasingly involved in donating to the campaign. In April, the Zaman International School in Phnom Penh pooled together $200, enough to buy 40 nets. 

Two schools in the US have contributed to the campaign recently. A class from Denn John Middle School in Orlando, in the US state of Florida, gave nearly $370 to the campaign. Students from Creston Christian School in Grand Rapids, in the US state of Michigan, donated $80. 

Photo courtesy of Glenn Miles 

Zoe Miles, 6, sent in a $10 donation along with a note from her father Glenn on a Cambodian postcard. She received the money for her sixth birthday and donated it to the Cambodia Daily Mosquito Net Campaign to 'help two families.' The family lives in Phnom Penh.