Understanding of Malaria Leads to School Donation

June 13, 2002
By Brian Calvert
The Cambodia Daily

Last year, I gave a talk at the Zaman International School about the dangers of malaria for people living in the countryside and the importance of malaria prevention through mosquito nets. This year, I was asked back to give a one hour lecture on the same subject to a new group of students. Not only would it help the mosquito net campaign and teach the Zaman students about malaria, it would also teach them about the concept of charity. By giving up an ice-cream from the local convenience store for a week, a student can save three lives, I explained. The Zaman students asked a lot of questions that only bright children can think of. Last year, it was, "How far can a mosquito fly?" (2 km). This year, it was, "What do the malaria mosquitoes look like?" (Like a regular mosquito, only one that bites only at night). Anyway, I did my best to answer them, and by the time I was done, they had come up with an additional $50 on top of their planned $150 donation. All told, Zaman's donations will buy 40 nets, enough to save 120 lives. Nets will be purchased and distributed through the National Malaria Center in the near future.