Canadians Make Record Donation to Mosquito Net Fund

The following group of donors from Canada contributed a total of $1,670, through Glen Schmidt, who personally delivered the donation to The Cambodia Daily 
last week. A story about this gift and donors will appear in next weekÕs Mosquito Net Donation column. 

Their donation is the single largest contribution received by The Mosquito Net Program. These funds will be used toward the purchase of life-saving mosquito nets for poor Cambodians in areas which are threatened by malaria. The donors include: Glen & Theresa Schmidt, Milton, Ontario; Joy & Todd, Windsor, Ontario; Bonnie White & Peter Furby, Arva, Ontario; Kim Rowse, London, Ontario; Elaine Harvey, Hamilton, Ontario; Anthony & Kathy Stilo, Toronto, Ontario; Karen & Walter Bunghardt, Kitchener, Ontario; Eric & Emily Wickham, Toronto, Ontario; Annette & Bruce Dart, Windsor, Ontario; The CourtneyÕs, Milton, Ontario; Dianne Morden, Chatham, Ontario; Joanne & Bryan, Mississauga, Ontario; Bert Dartnell, Vancouver, British Columbia; Brian & Irene Duffield, Toronto, Ontario; The Bridgeman family, Winnipeg, Manitoba; The Kenyons, Milton, Ontario; Rita MacDonald, Milton, Ontario; Delmarie Scherloski, Toronto, Ontario; Brian, 
Kim, Nathan and Sarah, Vancouver, British Columbia; Henry & Maria DeZoete, Edmonton, Alberta; Rita Schnarr, Vancouver, British Columbia;Charles Mossman, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Dick Duffield, Ottawa, Ontario; Joyce Evans, Dundas, Ontario; Rod Goetz, Kitchener, Ontario; Evlyn Anderson, Vancouver, 
British Columbia; Ed Bradley, London, Ontario; Mary Simpson, London, Ontario; Kim Sacchetta, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario; Peter Rummey, Toronto, Ontario; Susan McGillvary, Sarnia, Ontario; Karen Strutz, Mississauga, Ontario; Keith Pearce, Toronto, Ontario; Linda Dettinger, Windsor, Ontario; Brian Moore, Chatham, Ontario; Ev Maizen, Kingston, Ontario; Everette Colby, Ottawa, Ontario; Bruce Hutton, Sudbury, Ontario; Mary Jane Brown, Paris, Ontario; Lyle Handfield, Vancouver, British Columbia; Deb Danis, Ontario; Bill Mitchell, Toronto, Ontario; Catherine Kenwell, Toronto, Ontario; Diane Burgess, Milton, Ontario; Annette Holmes, Toronto, Ontario; Suzanne Elphick, Toronto, Ontario; David Sale, Vancouver, British Columbia; Jean Pai, Canada; Deborah Moy, Canada; Jean Cymbaluk, Lloydminster, Alberta; Wendy Brown, Calgary, Alberta; Bill Murphy, Canada; Gary Merkel, Calgary, Alberta; David Inhaber, Calgary, Alberta; Lisa Feil, Toronto, Ontario; Robin Eley, Montreal, Quebec; Joanne Bonderud, Kamloops, British Columbia; Laura Dallas, Langley, British Columbia; Deanna McCormick, Calgary, Alberta; Deborah Mortimer, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Wendy Ross, Ontario; Stephen Spector, Vancouver, British Columbia; Peter Humby, Ammon, New Brunswick; Marc Asselin, Longueuil, Quebec; David McPeak, Vancouver, British Columbia; Ivana Prugo, Mississauga, Ontario; Bob Cobban, Toronto, Ontario; Dave Villamere, Toronto, Ontario; Rachelle Cole, Toronto, Ontario; Tim Storey, Toronto, Ontario; John Lower, Thunder Bay, Ontario; Ian McLean, Ottawa, Ontario.