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Today, some 3,000 villages in Cambodia have no schools. Most children either have no chance to learn how to read and write, or must study in the open fields, often hampered by rain and hot sun.

The rural schools project helps put a roof over these children's heads by building schools in remote villages in Ratanakiri province and all of Cambodia.

The schools are supported in part by revenues generated through sales in our marketplace. You can also build your own school--with the name of your choice--by contributing just $14,000. The funds build a three to five-room school, and support teaching and supply materials for two years (to be matched by an international fund.) An additional contribution of $1,700 will fund the installation of solar panels that provide energy to operate a computer with future Internet access.

If you are interested in funding a school with your name on it, email . To take a look at many of the 200+ schools built so far, visit

Around two million Cambodians died during the Khmer Rouge regime, including virtually all of the country's most educated people, and the entire education system was destroyed. The rural schools project is a step toward rebuilding it--brick by brick.

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