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Remote, rural villages in Cambodia are crossing the "digital divide"--by motorcycle.

The Internet Village Motoman project connects small villages in Ratanakiri to the Internet and e-mail communications through an innovative, yet surprisingly simple, system. p>15 solar-powered village schools, telemedicine clincs and the governor's office have been connected to the larger world, through five bright red Honda motorcycles equipped with First Mile Solutions Mobile Access Points and a 256 Kb/s Satellite uplink. Each of the schools can send and receive email, and browse the Internet using a non-real-time search engine.

Many of these villages had no previous communications infrastucture. No postal system, no telephones. Many villages can only be reached via ox-cart or motorcycle. It is a vital, first step for these villages in gaining access to much needed educational, medical and economic opportunities that they would otherwise not have.

Internet Village Motoman Roadmap

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Behind the Scenes

Enjoy behind the scenes photos from the building and launch of the Internet Village Motoman network!


Ratanakiri Discussion Group
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